Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reading Update

5 Love Languages - Gray
Power Praying Wife - Omartin
Dare to Discipline - Dobson

123 Magic
When Bad Things happen to Good People - Kuhner
Scientist in the Crib--Science meets how babies brains work--this just interests me
Happiest Toddler on the Block
Millionaire Next Door - Stanley
Love Dare
Home Safe Home (alternatives to toxic laden household products)

On Docket in No particular Order: Problem being once I get on a 'subject' I find more and more I want to read this is getting to be a problem--I am adding them quicker than I am reading them)

The Hiding Place -Corrie Ten Boom
Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen (wholistic eating)
Power Spoken Word
Power Spoken Tongue
Sacred Marriage
Butekyo Breathing Shut your Mouth
The surrendered Wife Marriage Book-Gary Neumans
"Better' - Atu Guande
Some sort History Book - (perhaps Steve Ambrose?)
Woman Power - Schlessinger
Priceless - Ramsey
Proper Care and Feeding Marriage - Schlessinger
QBQ - Miller
Purpose Driven Life - Warren
Raising Girls - Dobson
Guerilla Marketing -

general update

its been a while which is generally a good sign. I forgot to do my groundhog day stats.

I guess the important ones are that I have been slacking on my sinus rinse's-just got out of the habit and now I need to buy some more as I am almost out. Still do great on boiling my nebs with the pasta pot. Haven't lost weight.

Still trying to get pregnant. If this cycle does not work then we will have to decide if we want to wait until spring or risk getting pregnant in October when that is the beginning of a not fun time and then I usually am ill in feb/mar which requires either IV's or steroids. I would prefer for any 'intervention' that would be required to be at the later stages of a pregnancy. So one thing at a time waiting to see if this cycle took first.

Have not been doing great on excercise. My foot is all gimped up giving me problems I am seeing a podiatrist, everything seems to make it irritated and I have went to wearing sneakers to work and most all the time around the house which is helping. In addition to that I have restrictions when doing these frozen embryo transfers both during the stim cyle and during the waiting cycle--fun times. I have been walkign at work alot, serious booking it pace for 40 minutes but that is still sub par.

My allergies are a bear lately but I started on a new nose spray, astelin, which I quit before because I hate but that in addition to the nasacort has helped with the sinus migraines.

All in all doing really well. The hormones have affected me a bit but not much and I actually made it through the feb/mar period without IV's which I kept thinking would come any week now but I think I can safely say I really DID make it and now I just hope to ward of any problems with the soon to be start of fall.