Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keeping Healthy, Getting Healthier

In the past I've done a new years review and goal for my health. I was thinking that I should pick a few realistic goals this year. I am admittedly having a hard time keeping on top of everything I feel I need to do to maintain optimal health but my standards are also super high so..... I feel torn most times.

#1 is my weight, it is too high, need to trim down to prevent diabetes issues and less food will most likely improve my issues with candida as well

#2 stop skipping night time treatments, I used to be almost 100%, need to get back there

#3 add back cardio, need at least 3, preferably 5 days of getting my HR up and clearing my lungs a bit of toning would be a good idea too

#4 rinse my sinuses...daily! Even though I dont feel I have enough goo to justify it I do feel better when I do it and it will help flush out cold/flu bugs this time of year

#5 take my probiotics, lauricidin, and NAC each day....I am so good about my 'pills' but so hit or miss on these

This seems reasonable, may need ot make myself a checklist or something to get back on track.

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