Sunday, February 26, 2012

Supplements- Ginseng

I needed a refill on a number of supplements so I decided to review my regimen and see what I'd like to modify and give a try. 

My main problem seems to be inflammation over infection so I'm going to go after that aspect and try to get better at regularly taking my items that don't go in my pill box. I'm great at taking my am/pm meds and have that routine established but it's things that should be taken at meal times, that need kept in the fridge etc I am bad about. 

Going to try ginseng so here is some info on that, thanks to my friend Tara for recommending it and getting me interested in reading. 

Active constituents found in most ginseng species include ginsenosides, polysaccharides, peptides, polyacetylenic alcohols, fatty acids and trace elements. It is generally believed that ginsenosides and their metabolites are the most important components determining the pharmacological effects of ginseng.

Ginsenosides are the thing that has the most potent affect. In an effort to standardize  and measure how much was in the different supplements they came up with a way to measure how much ginsenosides were present in these different supplements which is G115 which is what some of the studies utilized. Essentially the G115 is a standard composition that is required to have 4%ginsenosides so that you know what you are getting.

The particular study I have listed 1st below here they used G115 so if you aren’t going to use ginsana G115 name brand supplement here is the breakdown:

They used 4% @ 500mg 2x/day so……
500mg x2=1000mg * 4% = 40mg of ginsenosides

So for me I use wonder laboratories so I am going to try this Panax Ginseng
500mg capsule standardized to 5% = 25mg ginsenosides x2=50mg

Links to Studies:

enhances bacterial clearance and decreases lung pathology in athymic rats with chronic P. aeruginosa pneumonia

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