Friday, February 12, 2010

BORN Clinic

I had been thinking about going to the BORN clinic for hormonal reasons but when I found out the extent of what they do I was very interested. They basically combine western and eastern medicine and to a preventative holistic care program. They do a hormone/vitamin/allergy/inflammation testing thing I am VERY interested in. Problem today I found out they dont take insurance--hopefully I can submit claims for reimbursement we shall see.

I will be calling them today if I get a chance to break away from work to find out more details. Anyway while looking over their site I found the 1st testimony below and it kind of 'sealed the deal' at least on calling. Also the fact that my friend that just had the testing was told that she has scary low vitamin D levels (sound familiar anyone) that she has candida in her stomach which is causing allergies and inflammation---hmmmmm. She will be put on a rotational diet and yeast elimination program in addition to more diflucan which by itself has never worked. So, are you reading this Mandy.....sounds like you are one smart cookie with your hypothesis for me!

November 10, 2009

I am 74 years old and have had COPD for over 30 years as well as allergies. I was told there was no cure—that it was a progressive disease that they would try to slow the progression and treat the symptoms.

When I came to Born Clinic, I was designated end-stage COPD and was taking prednisone, which was losing its effect and would have to be increased. I was receiving palliative care that would transfer to hospice as my condition worsened.

Since treatment at the Born Clinic, I am no longer considered end-stage. Where I only could walk slowly, I now can go at a fast pace. I have lots of energy. My exhalation has improved and the lung inflammation has immensely improved.

NOTE: I have only been coming to the Born Clinic since September 6, 2009—just over two months!

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